ENT examination chair / 3-section ZEUS 0203 Medical Experts Group

ENT examination chair / 3-section ZEUS 0203 Medical Experts Group
ZEUS 0203

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The mechanism of the hydraulic chair was born for those are fond of comfortabily and seeking simple solutions and operations for their examination space. And the ZEUS 0203 is here... To make their expectations reality! This chair is not only the ideal choice for every specialty due to its functionality but also it belongs to the Economic Line of the ZEUS Chairs enabling everyone to acquire it! Characterized as a Specialist Chair thanks to the ergonomics and the great steadiness of its solid structure. Equipped with a solid metal round base of elegant design which reinforces its style. The seat is invested with durable, UV resistant, tear proof, easy to clean upholstery made of selected materials. The back has the capacity of easily reaching both vertical to horizontal position manual with a versatile pneumatic adjustment. What is more, capacity of rotation of the seat is up to 360°. The movable handrests assist to enhance the high performance of the examination and treatment procedure. It is available in a wide variety of colours to select the one that suits your taste and requirements.
  • Application domain:ENT
  • Number of sections:3-section