Endoscopy trolley compact-cart ITD GmbH

Endoscopy trolley compact-cart ITD GmbH

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Our special mission mobile equipment cart compact comprises of two frames. These two forms of basic frames provided for the compact-cart equipment carrier cover all the options. That is it covers from a basic entry model to the specialist cart. It is designed to meet the maximum requirements. The "Economy" version of the two-column cart features: -A load capacity up to 150 kg / 330 lbs - It is designed with three widths and four heights as standard. The "Profi" version offers: -A load capacity of 180 kg / 396 lbs Its enhanced functionality Functions: -Basic frame - Versions "Economy" and "Profi" - Payload up to 180 kg / 396 lbs - Optimum relationship between platform and work area - Isolating transformers (up to 2000 V) and matching range of accessories Power columns - Power columns of the basic frame allows socket strips to be accommodated along the entire length of the extrusion - Protection of electrical cabling...
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