Endoscope washer-disinfector WD440 PT Wassenburg

Endoscope washer-disinfector WD440 PT Wassenburg
WD440 PT

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The WASSENBURG® WD440 PT Pass Through Endoscope Washer Disinfector boasts a top of the notch technology for the professional endoscopy department. The product features the pass through technology for a safe and controlled washing and disinfection of flexible endoscopes. To continue, the endoscope washer is fully compliant with EN ISO 15883 parts 1 and 4, equipped with an Independent Monitoring System and has an optional Process Manager. Furthermore, the Pass Through technology has been creating a system with zero risk of cross contamination of the endoscope during loading / unloading since 2006. This was the primary goal in the development of the WD440 PT pass through endoscope washer disinfector. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a unique top section system that makes it possible to install the machine on a wall, providing a physical separation of the clean and contaminated areas. This principle is perfectly suited to (central) sterilisation departments.
  • Application:endoscope
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