Endoscope washer-disinfector PT3 AER Arc Healthcare Solutions

Endoscope washer-disinfector PT3 AER Arc Healthcare Solutions

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This automated endoscope re-processor (PT3 AER) is user friendly with effective sterilization process that will be of utter importance to architects and hospital managers for infection control, occupational health, endoscopy managers, clinical nurses, surgeons and doctors in mainstream hospitals and small community health practices. It utilizes best technology for every phase of sterilization. It cleans and immerses with a powerful enzymatic which enables it to eradicate all test soils in less than 30 seconds and strengthen the manual cleaning. The partial immersion and spraying with the disinfectant guarantee contacts with external surfaces of the endoscope and all surfaces of the bay. It keeps record of each channel for blockage or detachment. Powerful splashing arms and pulsed RO water with help of the channels eliminates all signs of disinfectant before forced air drying makes it ready for the next patients coming or next storage.
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