Electrosurgical unit electrode J-PLASMA® Bovie Medical Corporation

Electrosurgical unit electrode J-PLASMA® Bovie Medical Corporation

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Bovie Medical Corporations new open and laparoscopic J-Plasma hand piece with retractable cutting feature is used for soft tissue coagulation and cutting during surgery. J-Plasma is formed by passing an inert gas, such as helium, over a uniquely designed blade and energizing the gas to a plasma stream. The energy is derived from Bovies own proprietary generator. The distinctive blade design of the hand piece provides the option to retract or extend the surgical blade, providing multiple modes of operation in a single instrument. In the extended configuration, the surgical blade can be used without energy or plasma, similar to a scalpel for incisions and other cutting procedures. When retracted, the device can be used to form the J-Plasma stream for coagulation or blunt dissection. A combination of the J-Plasma stream with the blade extended can provide an enhanced cutting capability with minimal impact on surrounding tissue.
  • Application:for electrosurgical units
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