Electrophoresis densitometer GELSCAN Sebia

Electrophoresis densitometer GELSCAN Sebia

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GELSCAN™, densitometry system optimized for use with SEBIA HYDRAGEL™ electrophoresis gels Accurate - High-resolution image capture technology - Direct visualization with accurate optical density measurement - Automatic system calibration to ensure light source homogeneity (100 % of light transmission) - Precise quantification of all fractions - High performance whatever the type of gel with a measure of the black before scanning (0% of light transmission) Optimized reading - Perfect stability of the system during data capture Fast - Less than one minute per gel - both image capture and data processing - Automatic detection of the electrophoretic track location on the gel Software - PHORESIS - User-friendly software - Optimized results, easy interpretation - Extensive curve editing capabilities and customized reports options - Unlimited storage capacity of results (SQL Client / Server database)
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