Electronic endoscopy CO2 insufflator 40 l/min | F104 Lemke

Electronic endoscopy CO2 insufflator 40 l/min | F104 Lemke
40 l/min | F104

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40 l/min flow High safety and easy set up Large text display (multi-lingual) User-programmable and integrated gas heating Pressure relief system and integrated fluid sensor Product Details Easy operation and high safety standards has been LEMKEs motto for the development of insufflators during the last decade. The programmable flow levels and the exemplary user-friendly displays of both high-end insufflators and basic devices for routine clinical practice facilitate daily clinical work. LEMKE has established new safety standards by using sensors to identify fluids which pass into the device (high risk of cross-contamination). The devices high flow rate and excellent leakage compensation, which allow a clear view of the operation site, are also part of the LEMKE safety package. The insufflators are specially tailored to the fundamental needs of CO2 insufflation. The devices offer the essential functions for everyday clinical practice and combine the high safety standards of LEMKE with ease of use.
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