Electrolyte analyzer i-smart 30 i-Sens

Electrolyte analyzer i-smart 30 i-Sens
i-smart 30

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i-SENSelectrolyte analyzer, i-Smart 30 uses 60 ? of blood sample to measure ions such as Na+, K+, Cl- and hematocrit automatically. Unlike other competitors products, our electrolyte analyzer is the worlds only multi-usable cartridge-based electrolyte analyzer that satisfies todays medical environment and customers needs with the advanced IT and sensor technologies. Electrolyte analyzer with the latest IT Technology The electrolyte uses whole blood, serum and plasma to yield the result in 60 seconds with direct ISE measurement system. The result will appear on screen and can be printed out. It is easy to use with 7 inch color touch screen and voice assistance. In addition, i-Smart 30 electrolyte analyzer is a small device with attached handle and rechargeable built-in batteries so it can be moved to the places where Point Of Care Testing is needed such as health screening and emergency diagnosis room, intensive care unit at the hospitals. The Windows® XP Embedded OS based device offers powerful features of Windows operating system as well as connectivity, stability and reliability. Result management is very easy to use because of database feature that can store more than 300,000 results. Data can be downloaded via USB data storage devices and software upgrade is convenient.
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