Electrolyte analyzer Diestro® 103 JS Medicina Electronica

Electrolyte analyzer Diestro® 103 JS Medicina Electronica
Diestro® 103

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General Features: Type of sample: Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum and other biologic substances Input of sample: From syringe, tube or capillary with intelligent and automatic positioning Volume of sample: From 40 uL for Sodium and potassium. Expandable: up to 5 simultaneous ions and/or automatic. Electrodes: Maintenance-free selective Ions. Measuring chamber: visible and lit. Ions that can be measured: Na K Cl Ca Li Measuring Time: Approximately 1 minute, including washing and one point calibration. Sample numbering: Automatic and incremental. Patient numbering: (optional) of 4 digits. Storage of Results: (optional) 100 last measurements with sample number, patient number, date and time taken Calibration: semiautomatic, programmable and upon demand. Display: (Screen) 4 Lines of 20 alphanumeric characters. Supplies: Kit containing calibration and washing solutions. Outlets: (Optional) RS232 (for computer) and Centronics (for printer). Samples / Hour (Serum): Up to 60. Samples / Hour (Urine): Up to 30. Power Supply: External, 12 V CC non-regulated 1 Ampere for basic version base; 1,8 Ampere for "+" version that includes in-built printer.
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