Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / tDCS / 4-channel M×4 HD Soterix Medical

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / tDCS / 4-channel M×4 HD Soterix Medical
M×4 HD

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The most advanced noninvasive neuromodulation platform High-Definition transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (HD-tDCS) is a transformative technology for targeting cortical and deep brain structures with weak DC currents. Unlike any other neuromodulation technique, HD-tDCS is non-invasive, targeted, and can leverage the therapeutic potential, convenience, safety, and cost-advantages of tDCS. Soterix medical is the exclusive manufacturer and provider of HD-tDCS technology. Soterix Medical state-of-the-art neuromodulation system. Soterix Medical introduces the most advanced non-invasive neuromodulation platform developed: the M×N HD-tDCS stimulators. In 9-channel (M×9) and 4-channel (M×4) models, every M×N system allows full control of electrode placement and current, producing unprecedented non-invasive targeting. Exclusive control technology allows true independent current control and monitoring.
  • Number of channels:4-channel
  • Type of electrical stimulation:tDCS
  • Type:electro-stimulator