Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / hand-held / EMS Body Stim Lanaform

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / hand-held / EMS Body Stim Lanaform
Body Stim

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Description : Electrostimulation involves stimulating the nerve fibres surrounding the muscles with electric impulses applied to the surface of skin via electrodes. This stimulation contracts the muscles using short, controlled electric impulses to guarantee results, safety and optimum comfort. The Lanaform Body Stim has four electrodes so you can work on all your bodys muscles to firm and tone them. With this electrostimulation unit you can set the level of intensity (1-10) and adjust it for different users. The Body Stim also has 6 individual ascending stimulation functions: Tapping Acupuncture Petrissage Suction pads Friction Massage The Body Stim also has 4 integrated programmes targeting: Muscle building Shaping your figure Massaging your neck / shoulders Massaging your back / legs The LCD screen shows a diagram of the human body and clearly indicates where you need to apply the patches, according to the mode chosen, to guarantee effective use. The Lanaform Body Stim offers a choice of 6 treatment times, but you can also extend or reduce the time or frequency to suit you. The adhesive patches can be cleaned in clear water.
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