Electro-pneumatic ventilator / intensive care / CPAP / BIPAP SH300 Eternity

Electro-pneumatic ventilator / intensive care / CPAP / BIPAP SH300 Eternity

ICU ventilator with CE mark Pneumatically driven and electronically control for child and adult Detachable 10.4"TFT color screen decrease cross-infection effectively Wide choice of ventilation modes including CPAP, APRV,BIPAP Backup apnea ventilation Static compliance and resistance monitor Easy setting by navigator wheel knob & touch key Three-level visual and audible alarm, with concise words describing problems Advanced built-in electronic air-oxygen mixing device Sensitive pressure trigger and flow trigger PEEP ,V-P loop, V-F loop Auto nebulizer (Option) Inspiratory and expiratory hold 21%~100% O2 Built-in inspiration and expiration flow sensor, durable and water coagulation resistant Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized Flexible power supply: A/C, D/C, rechargeable build-in battery Technical Specification Modes of Ventilation Volume Controlled (VCV), Assist/Control Pressure Controlled (PCV) , Assist/Control Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) Volume-controlled breaths (V-SIMV) Pressure- controlled breaths (P-SIMV) Pressure Support (PSV) Spontaneous ventilation (SPONT) Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) BIPAP APRV Combined: VCV + SIGH, SIMV (VCV)+PSV, SIMV (PCV)+PSV
  • Application: : intensive care
  • Type: : electro-pneumatic
  • Ventilation mode: : BIPAP, CPAP
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