Electrical surgery table / height-adjustable DH-S103A Kanghui Technology

Electrical surgery table / height-adjustable DH-S103A Kanghui Technology

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Performance profile ? the partial column electric operation station, economical operation, the new development of the beautiful appearance, simple lines, especially the partial column design, with X rays in the operation of X-ray diagnosis of functional film with C arm X ray machine, suitable for modern surgical operation, is an ideal choice for surgery operation doctor. ? partial columns supporting the design, make the X light perspective the coverage rate of 80%; The bed has reasonable structure, stable center of gravity is not easy to shake; The key parts are made of imported components, high degree of automation, more make the beds flexible adjustment, stable and reliable; Touch type operating system controls the bed body segment driver, convenient to the size and the position of various operation; The shape of a body and all parts are made of high quality stainless steel; The bed surface is made of polyurethane material for disposable foam molding, easy cleaning and disinfection; ? the base part is provided with a groove, so doctors in operation of toe can move, and can more easily close to the sick. Standard configuration Anesthetic screen frame 1 Tied with 1 Body support 1 pay Shoulder support 1 pay Legrest 1 pay Bearing device 1 sets Hand plate 1 pay Operator 1
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