Electrical medical bathtub / height-adjustable TR 900A TR Equipment AB

Electrical medical bathtub / height-adjustable TR 900A TR Equipment AB
TR 900A

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The height adjustable bathtub comes with Auto fill function that involves an automatic pre-filling of the bathtub, while shortening the entire bath cycle. The touch panel makes TR 900A easy to operate. The clean design of the device makes bathing enjoyable and relaxing. The TR 900 height adjustable bathtub model is fitted with an easy to operate fingertip touch panel that controls the Auto fill system, automatically pre-filling the bathtub and shortening the entire bathing cycle. Key hole shaped design of the system provides additional width at head end offering more space for shoulders and arms; this works as an added advantage during shampooing. TR 900A bathtub is capable of being incorporated with a whirlpool system as well as a built-in cleaning system. The HiLo bathtub, available with various choices can be integrated with mobile patient combilift, TR 9650 by use of stretcher and chair. This accomplishes a person oriented, labor efficient, safe bath cycle while fulfilling staff expectations.

  • Operation:electrical
  • Characteristics:height-adjustable
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