Electric surgical suction pump / on casters DF-350 Doctor's Friend

Electric surgical suction pump / on casters DF-350 Doctor's Friend

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FEATURES : Digital Vacuum Monitor is used to show the suction power, s o users can easily read it. The suction tube directly connects to the suction bottle, s o users can easily wash it. It’s sanitary & safe. The handle attached to the suction bottle makes users easily lift and wash it. The foot switch adopts air pressure type, s o it’s anti-moisture, insulating & safe. 360 Individual brake wheel features easy movement and high safety. The fastening rack installed at the side makes the suction tube be easily put. Surgical suction: Its smaller caliber is suitable for general vacuum. Obstetrical suction: Its bigger caliber is suitable for artificial abortion. Smaller caliber can be also used to suck baby out. Surgical & OBS. Select Valve on the panel can be switched, so there is no trouble of changing tube and it’s more efficient. The built-in alarm will sound “beep-beep” when suction power exceeds 650mm/hg. When sounding the alarm exceeds 30 seconds, there will be a long “beep-beep” sound. At this time, user must reduce the suction power under to 550mm/hg and then the alarm will stop. This function serves to suck baby out.
  • Configuration:on casters
  • Type:electric
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