Electric massager (physiotherapy) / hand-held 603F Bioland Technology

Electric massager (physiotherapy) / hand-held 603F Bioland Technology

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Product Name: Tapping Massager Product Code: 603F Percussion Massager combined Far Infrared Warm Air for a quicker reduces of pain and soothes ache Far Infrared Ceramic Heater Source with following advantages- 1. Far infrared (Wavelength 6-14uM) can activate water molecules and accelerate metabolism and speed up blood circulation 2. Far Infrared can speed up the excreting of harmful substances and fat in subcutaneous tissue 3. No oxygen consuming 4. High 90% heat efficiency Suitable for shoulder, back, hips, upper legs, calf Two massage speed selection, ON/OFF switch for Far Infrared Warm Air Strong comfort percussion action Extra 4 heads replaceable Rubber handle Power Source: 110v or 220v AC
  • Type:electric massager
  • Ergonomics:hand-held
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