Electric foot massager (physiotherapy) FJ 009 Fuji Chair

Electric foot massager (physiotherapy) FJ 009 Fuji Chair
FJ 009

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• Increase flexibility and range of motion • Enhance blood flow throughout the body (oxygenation and lymph drainage) • Increase secretion of hormones that are important in regeneration and repair processes i.e. HGH (human growth hormone), IGF-1 and testosterone • Increase bone density • Increase secretion of happiness hormone serotonin and neurotrophine a substance that supports our thinking process • Decrease cortical levels • Rehabilitate injuries and aliments • Enhance explosive strength • Enhance conventional training results • Speed training recovery • Accelerate weight loss • Reduce lower back pain • Enhance pain reduction • Improve collagen production • Reduce appearance of cellulite • Eliminate the effect of stress FJ009 Reflexion Twin-Kneading Roller Massager
  • Type:electric foot massager
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