Electric exfoliating scrub MyJet TavTech

Electric exfoliating scrub MyJet TavTech

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The basic principal is simple: MyJET takes liquid or saline, accelerates it using pressurized air to unique velocities and with a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets. The jet-stream of micro-droplets gently and painlessly rejuvenates and moisturizes. Receiving routine MyJET treatments will result in fresh and younger looking skin. Facial spots will fade, wrinkles will diminish and scars and stretch marks will clear. Your clients are going to love you. MyJet - Beautiful fresh clientele MyJET is the best non-invasive non-heat skin-rejuvenation treatment. One versatile system delivering advanced, relaxing skin care with outstanding results. Whether it is lymphatic drainage, exfoliation or even meso-therapy, MyJET is changing the rules of the game! One technology endless applications MyJET is suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a diverserange of aesthetic specializations. Beautiful technology! Outstanding results! Complete set of skin-care applications Needle free meso-therapy Zero skin-print No down-time for the patient Simple and easy to operate Cost effective with fast ROI Differentiates your clinic
  • Power source:electric
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