EEG amplifier Corscience

EEG amplifier Corscience

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EEG signals are being increasingly used in medical applications, such as for treating epilepsy, in sleep diagnostics or for measuring the depth of anesthesia. Another application involves so-called neurofeedback systems. The devices affect brain activity directly with visual and acoustic stimuli and require a high-quality measurement of the EEG signals for this. The 2-channel EEG amplifier was specially developed for use in neurofeedback systems and provides all functions required for this, which are user-friendly. The built-in impedance meter indicates the contact resistance of every single electrode with bright, clearly readable LEDs. There are also three additional inputs for peripheral biofeedback sensors, such as GSR, temperature or HEG. The output for connecting tactile feedback devices is easy to program and leaves the audio output of the PC free for audio feedback. Features: Impedance meter Three peripheral channels Output for tactile feedback No operating elements – control via the PC Low input noise Short settling time
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