ECG training simulator / computerized YUAN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

ECG training simulator / computerized YUAN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

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1: Based on B/S (webpage) and supporting TCP/IP, this system is easy for renewing, managing and connecting campus network to realize interactive teaching. 2:The system contains system set, content making, teaching etc. It can set admin, teacher and student 3 IDs and can renew all contents through content making system on server. Teachers can make test by themselves and results can be made automatically which is easy to collect. 3: Teacher can guide, control and inspect students operations and answer their questions and communicate with them through internet. 4:Theory teaching includes brief introduction of ECG development, ECG diagnosis altas and ECG teaching software 3 parts. Skill test is simulating 12-lead ECG PC synchronization attached with system is connected simulator correctly which can describe and analysis normal and abnormal ECG as the same as the clinical operation. 5: The simulator stocks 150 kinds of normal and abnormal ECG. ECG collecting software is wit ruler which can measure amplitude of wave form and time. The simulator also can be connected with other ECG clinical machine separately. Accessory: Software: ECG theory teaching software ECG test making software ECG internet testing software ECG skill training software ECG content making software ECG system setting software Hardware Simulator Optional and chargeable: computer, ECG machine and printor
  • Options and accessories:computerized
  • Procedure:ECG