ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless rejiva SmartPatch Rijuven Corporation

ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless rejiva SmartPatch Rijuven Corporation
rejiva SmartPatch

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Clinicians have long understood the value of Heart Rate Variability. HRV is a measurement of the time intervals between consecutive heartbeats measured in milliseconds and that for good health these intervals should vary in what appears to be a random and chaotic manner. It has been recognized as the most powerful predictor of all-cause mortality; it predicts more powerfully than any other measure. Research shows that the risk of death is not just due to heart problems but can be due to cancer, infections, diabetes or almost any other condition including psychological conditions such as stress, fears and anxieties. Rijuvens suite of consumer health and wellness device provides a cutting-edge approach to overall health and empowers patients to engage in their own healthcare. rejiva SmartPatch measures HRV from ECG sensors on a mobile device and provides vital information about wellness, tranquility, vitality, exercise and aging. It also provides biofeedback and de-stress breathing exercises for instant stress reduction. As an indication to the benefits of improved HRV, a research study published in the American Journal of Cardiology (Bilchick et al) states that each increase of 10 milliseconds in HRV, gives a 20% decrease in risk of mortality
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