ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless Lifetouch Isansys

ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless Lifetouch Isansys

The Lifetouch is a featherweight wireless cardiac sensor that analyzes every heart beat to provide continuous real-time heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability. It is worn on a patient's chest using standard ECG gel electrodes, it incorporates an ECG visualization function for set up and verification. The Lifetouch is simply fitted, registered to the patient, and activated with a pull tab. From there on, the system works automatically. It is designed for single use and it can be recycled. This ensures a lower cost product, adherence to the Waste Electronic Equipment Directive and resultes in an exciting new “consumable” with very low environmental impact. The Lifetouch is an intelligent, ultra-low power wireless sensor platform incorporating a tiny, but powerful, computer that digitizes and analyzes the ECG in the device itself.
  • Configuration: : wearable
  • Other characteristic: : wireless
  • Measured parameters: : ECG
United Kingdom

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