ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless HealthPatch™ Vital Connect

ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless HealthPatch™ Vital Connect

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The HealthPatch™ has the ability to capture clinical-grade biometric measurements continuously and without being obtrusive. It uses a small but powerful patch that is placed on the chest. Inside the HealthPatch™ are advanced sensor and chip technologies that in combinationwith Vital Connect’s proprietary algorithms allow the device to deliver biometric measurements that are clinical-grade. Compared to other sensors, it is less obtrusive. Frequency and type of data collection can also be customized. It communicates through Bluetooth LE and features HIPPA-compliant cloud-based connectivity, storage, and analytics. The HealthPatch™ is made to fit the requirements of three healthcare categories: Remote Monitoring, Clinical, and Health and Wellness. For older people, HealthPatch™ can be used to improve the quality and safety of life. It can also be utilized in monitoring patients that have dementia or aid in the management of chronic diseases.
  • Other characteristic:wireless
  • Configuration:wearable
  • Measured parameters:ECG
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