ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless BodyGuardian Preventice

ECG patient monitor / wearable / wireless BodyGuardian Preventice

The BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is a cutting edge approach to patient monitoring that includes a non-intrusive, wearable body sensor that allows physicians to monitor a patient’s physiological data from anywhere at anytime. Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, this FDA-cleared system uses sophisticated algorithms to support remote monitoring for individuals with non-lethal cardiac arrhythmias. BodyGuardian RMS allows physicians to monitor key biometrics outside of the clinical setting, while patients go about their daily lives. Important physiologic data is securely collected by a small, wearable body sensor and transmitted to physicians. It maintains a constant connection between patients and their care teams. BodyGuardian RMS includes the Preventice Care Platform™, a cloud-based mHealth platform that collects real-time data from devices and delivers information to medical monitoring professionals. BodyGuardian RMS detects and monitors non-lethal cardiac arrhythmias in ambulatory patients, when prescribed by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. The BodyGuardian System continuously records, stores and periodically transmits the following physiological data to a remote computer server for up to 30 days at a time: - ECG - Heart rate (including HR variability and HR reliability) - Respiration rate - Activity
  • Configuration: : wearable
  • Measured parameters: : ECG
  • Other characteristic: : wireless
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