ECG patient monitor / portable / wireless AliveCor

ECG patient monitor / portable / wireless AliveCor

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The AliveCor Heart Monitor is compatible with Android devices or iOs systems. It communicates wirelessly with a mobile phone application after being snapping into place. A website shows which heart monitors are compatible with user's smartphones. This system is both simple to use and convenient. Lead I ECGs can be generated by resting electrodes on fingers from each hand with the phone's bottom located on the right. On contact with the sensors, the application determines if a correct connection has been formed. It then provides a countdown to the impending ECG recording. Applications can be set up to take rhythm strips ranging from 30 seconds to one that is continuous. The heart monitor also displays heart rate. ECGs that last over 10 seconds will be saved automatically. These can have details added later or can be discarded, according to the wishes of the users. The device also takes inverted ECGs.
  • Configuration:portable
  • Other characteristic:wireless
  • Measured parameters:ECG
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