ECG acquisition module (wireless) PAMSys-ECG™ Biosensics

ECG acquisition module (wireless) PAMSys-ECG™ Biosensics

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PAMSys ECG is a unique platform for evaluating the physical activity of the heart rate and its variability based on a 2 lead electrocardiogram and a tri axial accelerometer simultaneously and on a long term basis. Health scientists, cardiologists, and other health care professionals can get the information about the heart rate and the variability of it as a function of physical activity by using this device. Key Aspects Recognition: National Institutes of Health supports this technology. The device is based on research for 10 years. Gait Analysis: Speed, duration, number of steps, and intra day variability are available in gait analysis. Postures: Sitting, standing, walking, or lying down, as well as sit to stand and stand to sit transitions come under postures. Posture Improvement: It adds the posture and gait at the time and later the extraordinary EKG's period.
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