Dual-channel tourniquet A.T.S® 1200 Zimmer

Dual-channel tourniquet A.T.S® 1200 Zimmer
A.T.S® 1200

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The lightweight A.T.S. 1200 Tourniquet System The lightweight A.T.S. 1200 Tourniquet System is a single-port, dual-cuff surgical tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and proprietary safety features that make tourniquet application and monitoring convenient and reliable. These key design elements free the healthcare team to focus on surgery. Safety Battery back-up, visual and audio alarms, positive locking connectors, and other proprietary features help ensure patient safety. Cuff lockout feature keeps the cuff inflated even if the unit is turned off. Reliability Advanced microprocessor technology includes self-diagnostic tests and continuous monitoring for consistently dependable performance. Convenience Fast inflation and deflation save time for busy operating room personnel. Ergonomic contours facilitate handling and operation for positive, confident control.
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