Drainage reservoir / wound 0.1 - 0.4 mL Pacific Hospital Supply

Drainage reservoir / wound 0.1 - 0.4 mL Pacific Hospital Supply
0.1 - 0.4 mL

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Evacuator with Bag is a large capacity closed and continuous wound drainage system for manual evacuation using a constant low vacuum ensures gentle wound drainage in sensitive tissue. It includes a manually compressible reservoir uses a low vacuum, connection tube, Y-connector, drains and optionally a pre-attached trocar. Assembly with silicone drains also optionally available. Features/Benefits Large capacity 400 ml reduce the total number of reevauations required. 100 ml capacity is also available. Safety cap at the bottom outlet of the reservoir prevents spillage of residual fluid. The closed circuit with anti-reflux valve efficiently prevent backflow of wound exudates to avoid risks of contamination for the patient and the operator during emptying and reactivation. Clear graduated reservoir and drinage bag provide indicative drainage. Pre-attached Y-connectors with closed distal ends allow the optional use of one or two drains simultaneously without the need for additional connectors, adaptors or clamps. Luer lock connection ensures tubing can not be accidentally pulled off the bag exposing the wound to potential infrction. Cost-effective Drainage Bag with one-way valve minimises the risk of cross-contamination for providing a closed system for safe disposal of exudate.
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