Drainage catheter / vesical / double-balloon Duette™ Poiesis Medical

Drainage catheter / vesical / double-balloon Duette™ Poiesis Medical

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The Duette™ is the first solution-oriented device that has been designed and created by Poiesis Medical LLC. This unique urinary drainage system uses an elegant, dual-balloon design to overcome the shortcomings of traditional Foley catheters, which cause bladder trauma with their uncushioned tip and through drainage aspiration. The Duette™ features three unique design elements that improve upon the Foley design: A second distal balloon, which is placed on the catheter tip, adds another layer in comprehensive infection control. It is designed to reduce incidents of CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infection) by cushioning the tip to prevent trauma to the defensive bladder wall lining. The drainage eyes have been positioned between the two balloons, designed to prevent aspiration damage to the bladder’s defensive lining. The Duette™ is designed to be inserted and removed just like a standard Foley catheter. As a result, it requires little new training of medical personnel.
  • Application:drainage
  • Area of the body:vesical
  • Characteristics:double-balloon
United States

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