DR 800

DR 800
Digital Imaging

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With the DR 800, you have a whole range of features and technologies that minimize exam preparation time, procedure time and image acquisition. 
Unrivalled positioning freedom, a highly optimized interface and MUSICA’s consistent image quality come together to help you assure a better patient experience. 

For more information: https://medimg.agfa.com/main/direct-radiography/dr-800/ 


  • MUSICA with dynamic image processing and workflow
  • DR 800 is not the “remote room” of the past. You can choose to work in the room table-side with the patient or remote!
  • Advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) detectors offering high-speed, high-resolution imaging and potential for a lower dose
  • LiveVision Technology allowing accurate dose-free remote positioning
  • High-frequency fluoroscopy generators (50, 65 or 80 kW)
  • Uncompromising chest imaging through 180 cm SID
  • Integrated auto-switching anti-scatter grid
  • X-Team Technology for collaboration between Radiologists & Technologists
  • Advanced clinical applications including full leg/full spine examinations and digital tomosynthesis
Septestraat 27, Belgium
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