Double breast pump collection kit mamivac®PREMIUM KaWeCo

Double breast pump collection kit mamivac®PREMIUM KaWeCo

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Suction kit free of bisphenol-A with wide neck bottle and soft breastshield for maximum comfort. Easy and safe operation. PP bottle (100 ml) with convenient wide neck Silicone breastshield with a knobbed pro? le for a pleasant massaging effect Protective diaphragm ensures best possible safety for mother and child Consists of a few parts only ? easy cleaning Fits the breastpumps of the mamivac® SENSITIVE and LACTIVE series and other piston breastpumps Germ free The patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit hermetically seals the breastpump and the hose against breast milk, bacteria and germs. This ensures a maintenance-free pump giving mother and child greatest possible safety.
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