Dosimeter dosimetry instrument / X-ray dido2000 QUART X-Ray QA/QC

Dosimeter dosimetry instrument / X-ray dido2000 QUART X-Ray QA/QC

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This QUART dido2000 series diagnostic dosemeter covers all fields of x-ray applications. Whether using conventional or digital modality, the meters can be used for measurements in DSA, Radiography, (Pulsed) Fluoroscopy, Dental, 3D (CBCT), and Mammography. The QUART dido is one of the most compact, multipurpose QA systems available, and offers a wide range of unique features such as the verification of inherent tube potential, the display of both exposure and imaging time, and the dose-width product measurement. The dose-width product (DWP) measurement with solid-state detector technology is an especially unique characteristic of the dido line of devices. It is also integrates with the Dental / R&F version, the QUART dido2000(K). This kind of technical flexibility provides an excellent cost/value ratio. In addition, service and repair cost are reasonably priced.
  • Type of ionizing radiation:X-ray
  • Instrument type:dosimeter