Dog veterinary splint Orthovet

Dog veterinary splint Orthovet

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OrthoVet can fabricate custom made splints from a cast of the animals limb. These splints are made for the “Long Term” problems. We can also make a Heavy Duty Version from our existing casts. All of these splints are constructed from durable plastic with a Heavy Duty strap system. **Please Note** Custom made splints are non-returnable. OrthoVet will provide adjustment or modification service, free of charge on all custom made splints for a period of 30 days after purchase. Total Custom Fit: These splints are made from a mold of the animals limb, usually done by the Vet or under their supervision. Custom made splints are suitable for animals that may fall in-between sizes or have skeletal abnormalities that will not allow for a standard fit. **Always discuss splinting options with your Vet to make sure the animal is a good candidate for a rigid lower limb splint.
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