Disinfectable medical keyboard / USB / washable AK-C8100 Active Key

Disinfectable medical keyboard / USB / washable AK-C8100 Active Key

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The AK-C8100 is a key instrument in environments where hygiene must be respected, but heavy writing must also be carried out. The unit is made with the highest quality materials and is very reliable when operated correctly. With the AK-C8100 , there is no need to apply a lot of force to get results. The low key actuation and the precise key guidance are exemplary features that make this device an excellent choice for office, administration and industrial environments. It can also be used in hospitals with its unique disinfection and purification capacity. It has a 105 Key Standards layout as well as 360°. The low force tactile key feel are low flat to ensure that the surface is thoroughly disinfected on the AK-C8100 to avoid build up of dirt. This heavy duty keyboard is one of the kind; its 105 key standard layout gets large volumes of work completed.
  • Options:USB, washable, disinfectable
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