Dilatation catheter / coronary / balloon ProHP ALVIMEDICA

Dilatation catheter / coronary / balloon ProHP ALVIMEDICA

ProHP combines current standards of high pressure balloons with a remarkable trackability and balloon re-wrap. Product Advantages Compliance HP balloon with steady compliance Profile Low profile & reliable track Deflation Fast deflation time General features: Rapid exchange balloon catheter (monorail type) Usable catheter length: 142 cm Guiding catheter compatibility: 5F (0.058”) Guidewire compatibility: 0.014” Shaft features: Proximal shaft: stainless steel AISI 304 low friction hypotube with Teflon coating Distal shaft: Polyammide Balloon technical data Soft distal tip Balloon material: Polyamide Two platinum markers (One marker for the balloon size 1.5mm) Nominal Pressure (NP): 6 atm Rated Burst Pressure (RBP): 18 / 20 atm Average Burst Pressure (ABP): 24 / 26 atm
  • Characteristics: : balloon
  • Application: : dilatation
  • Area of the body: : coronary

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