Digital mobile radiographic unit / human EcoView 300 EcoRay

Digital mobile radiographic unit / human EcoView 300 EcoRay
EcoView 300

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Benefits The EcoView 300 system is easy to use, flexible and powerful for every situation. With its motor driven system Is able to operate also in small emergency rooms. Also as a digital mobile X-ray system you can experience excellent image quality and easy handling combined with wireless portable detector and built-in workstation. Motor driven system Installed with two independent motors, the operator can move the equipment forward, reverse and easy turns. Having a maximum speed of 5 km/hour, the EcoView 300 can be displaced around fast and safe with its frontal and lateral collision sensors. Capacitor bank With the build-in capacitor bank, makes the equipment more durable and efficient compared to the battery bank equipments. Providing a more stable electrical supply, also when the capacitor bank is charged, the EcoView 300 is able to make X-ray exposures without being plugged to an electrical outlet.
  • Patient type:human
  • Technology:digital
3F, Urbanlight B/D, 630, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu,
South Korea
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