Digital electrocardiograph / wireless / computer-based / 12-channel T12S Mortara

Digital electrocardiograph / wireless / computer-based / 12-channel T12S Mortara

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The T12S transmitter is a lightweight and compact device that promotes freedom of movement. With its SpO2 sensor, it provides free movement through wireless technoloy to patients and clinician when in ambulatory monitoring. It monitors the SpO2 monitoring continuously by integrating a pulse oximeter technology which allows SpO2 spot checks while simultaneously transmitting the SpO2 percentage, pulse rate, and the plethysmyoraphic waveform using the 12-lead ECG. This eliminates the need to use an external pulse oximeter. It has a digital menu navigation and an excellent waveform display that allows full graphic display when previewing ECG waveforms, SpO2 quality checks while patient is hooked up with spot checks with transmission, lead impedance, channel selection, and many other features. This device obtains ECG comfortably by utilizing the T12S and LeadForm ECG cable which has prepositioned leads that emits the uncomfortable heavy cables and therefore, maximizing patient comfort. With its wireless technology, ECG quality and diagnostic is heightened and a lot organized since traditional cable movement has been eliminated.
  • Number of channels:12-channel
  • Type:digital
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