Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel ECG-8080 Biocare

Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel ECG-8080 Biocare

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Having printing display, it features a color LCD measuring 7", with grid lines. Ergonomic interface facilitates ease-in-operation. Incorporating convenience in use, its touch-screen is backed by hand-writing inputs. Necessities are fulfilled, owing to different analysis results. SD data card storage is unlimited, having helpful management mechanisms. Unusual ECG acquisition is enabled by exclusive acquisition technique. Simplicity in observation calls for print-out and 12+1 lead display. Any period of waveform is recorded by real time waveform freezing, using separate formats. Uninterrupted operation is due to Li-ion battery's high longevity. Pleasant operating practice is facilitated by high-quality silicon buttons. Sharing and information management system is backed by wireless or wire data transmission. It prevails in multi-language editions.
  • Type:digital
  • Number of channels:12-channel
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