Digital camera / intra-oral / CCD / LED spirit DENTALL

Digital camera / intra-oral / CCD / LED spirit DENTALL

Use the Sony?s super HAD CCD for high-quality image. 6 high intensity LEDs provide superb image clarity and color. A Macro Button zooms to certain parts quickly allowing a more detailed viewing. large depth of field( from a single teeth to smile). hard coated handpiece surface. Ergonomic design. Models Spirit-M Easily saves 4~8 shots of images using a PC monitor or TV, without computers; splits the screen into 4 screens; easy to install and use; helps with effectively consulting patients within a short period of time Spirit-U Connects to the USB2.0 ports on a computer; saves images and/or manages patients? records by using video management software.
  • Applications: : intra-oral
  • Sensor type: : CCD
  • Light source: : LED
  • Technology: : digital
South Korea

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