Digital camera / for operating theaters / high-definition INPROMED DO BRASIL

Digital camera / for operating theaters / high-definition INPROMED DO BRASIL

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The Inpromed Video System offers to the business market the best tecnology in quality and image definition. Using captation systems of analogic and digital images, brings to users comfort and alternatives to improve and maximize their activities performance. This solution works perfectly for Hospitals, Medicine Universities and Clinics that need recordings, surgery transmission and video conference. Our proposal is to offer from local video system inside surgical center, transmitting to suport monitors, to a surgical video conference system with recording and image transmission in HD quality. As advantages of using the video system, we have: The high definition captured images can be used in local video lesson systems or video conference; The procedure images accomplished inside Surgical Center can be guided on-line to other places inside or outside the Hospital; The images can be transmitted by the internet for the relatives accompany the procedures that are being accomplished; Reduction of the time and other costs, by the not necessity of transportation of the patients to bigger centers or the professionals to inner cities; Improvement of the resources management due the evaluation and selection by specialists;
  • Applications:for operating theaters
  • Technology:digital
  • Sensor type:high-definition

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