Diagnostic tympanometer (audiometry) / diagnostic audiometer / digital AA222 / AA222H Interacoustics

Diagnostic tympanometer (audiometry) / diagnostic audiometer / digital AA222 / AA222H Interacoustics
AA222 / AA222H

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One solution Combining all of the diagnostic middle ear analyzer tests found on the AT235 and most of the features available on the popular AD229 diagnostic audiometer – makes the AA222 one of the most comprehensive combination of middle ear analyzer and diagnostic audiometer available today. Making it ideal for the new clinic, travelling to alternate locations and for clinical situations where space is at a premium. The AA222 has testing capabilities for air and bone conduction as well as speech. Dual inputs for a tape or CD player allows the examiner to conduct binaural recorded speech tests and other tests for central auditory processing or hearing aid evaluations. Other tests include pure tone and Stenger speech, ABLB, Auto Threshold (Hughson-Westlake method) and SISI. Outputs are available to connect external speakers and with an appropriate amplifier AA222 will produce 90dB or more of speech in a typical sound room environment. Separate software calibration for all transducers allows the exchange of insert phones or traditional TDH39 phones by the push of a button.
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