Diagnostic iOS application / viewing / ophthalmology / medical Peek Peek Vision

Diagnostic iOS application / viewing / ophthalmology / medical Peek Peek Vision

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Fundoscopy High quality imaging, minimal training Our low cost adapter, coupled with our supporting software, allows for high quality retinal imaging. Cataract Imaging See them clearly Our adapter allows us to grade a cataract?s severity for treatment classification. Securely store and share Remote assistance and review Images and patient info can be securely stored and shared for off-site review. Visual Acuity For adults and children We think we?ve redefined simplicity with our range of phone and tablet based visual acuity tests. Watch this space for automated testing harnessing the power of eye tracking technology. Visual Fields With a big field By moving the focus target, we?re able to ensure we still get a wide field evaluation, even on a standard 4" screen. Colour and Contrast Early trials We?re producing some innovative new tests to shake up the way colour and contrast testing is done - and for a fraction of the cost. Patient data + Geo-Tagging Follow up and outreach We simplify contacting and finding patients in remote locations, with SMS notifications and location mapping. It?s no use diagnosing a condition, if nobody can be found for treatment.
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