Diagnostic catheter / intracardiac FIRMap Topera Medical

Diagnostic catheter / intracardiac FIRMap Topera Medical

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The FIRMap™ Catheter is the perfect unit for cardiac electrophysiology procedure to help in diagnosing severe arrhythmias that are difficult to find using traditional mapping systems. (i.e., linear mapping catheters). The Topera FIRMap™ Catheter can be used for the delivery of external pacing stimuli. The FIRMap™ is able to detect on the endocardial surfaces electrical potentials of the heart . There is an expandable basket that is 3D structures. These are able to adhere to the shape of a full heart chamber and they have 64 evenly spaced electrodes which are placed between 8 splines . Each spline contains 8 electrodes. Signals can be used to analyze the Topera’s RhythmView® 3-D Electrophysiologic Mapping System. The unit has a radiopaque marker on the bands which assist in the positioning of the catheter under the fluoroscope and it aids in the locating the sources that are identified by the RhythmView™ Workstation to basket electrodes and the 3 D anatomy.
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