Diabetes telemonitoring web application mydittolife.com Biomedtrics

Diabetes telemonitoring web application mydittolife.com Biomedtrics

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ydittolife.com is the secure storage and access point for your glucose data that can be used from web browsers on laptops and PCs. After logging into your account, you'll have all the features of the app such as the color coded entries, multiple views, adding notes, and tagging photos from your computer to your entries. Additional features exclusive to the website include expanded calendar features, sorting data within the graphs, and more. The website is more than just a place to view your glucose data. It's also a great place to find useful information. We've put together a collection of links to medical sites and bloggers that we believe do a good job explaining what diabetes is, how it affects you, and how others are living their lives. Ideal for new diabetics or those who have been managing their health for years.
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