Desiccant compressed air dryer / medical NOVAIR

Desiccant compressed air dryer / medical NOVAIR

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The air treatment system is a major component of the medical air unit : it ensures the drying and purification of the compressed air produced, in order to provide healthcare facilities with a medical air compliant with the European pharmacopeia "Air medicinal" monography. NOVAIR adsorption air treatment systems are marked CE - Medical device, class IIa and are designed in accordance with standards NF EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01. They come with one or two dessicative dryers and air cleaners composed of separation vessels (zeolites) filled with molecular sieve fully dedicated to medical air. With this process, compressed air can be dried up to a - 80°c dew point, and fully purified from carbon dioxyde. The system is supplied ready to be connected to the internal medical gases network of the healthcare facility.
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