Dermatological laser / Nd:YAG / on trolley Cellulaze™ Cynosure

Dermatological laser / Nd:YAG / on trolley Cellulaze™ Cynosure

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Traditionally cellulite treatments have been conducted from the surface of the skin, which is not where the problems lie. The Cellulite Cellulaze Laser Workstation, with its Nd:YAG 1440 nm pulse laser wavelength, changes all that. The pulsed laser beam is applied subdermally to the underlying tissue structure using SideLaze 3D proprietary optics that target cellulite precisely at the source of the problem. Cellulaze is the first, and to date the only minimally invasive cellulite treatment whose performance is backed by extensive clinical data. The results speak fro themselves. You can expect to experience increased skin thickness and elasticity, significant improvements in appearance, and results that will last a year or more.
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