Dental x-ray generator (dental radiology) / digital / wall-mounted Timex 70E Gnatus

Dental x-ray generator (dental radiology) / digital / wall-mounted Timex 70E Gnatus
Timex 70E

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The first X-Ray equipment that respects your nature Gnatus, after several years of research, capture from nature, more precisely from the flight of hummingbirds, all attributes that professionals like you expect from an X-Ray machine. Hummingbirds lavish technology in their structures. They are experts in the art of flying and able to stand still up in the air, spin, make turns and even fly in reverse. Its joints allow a rotation of 180 degrees. Seem to have no limits and defy gravity with daring maneuvers on a real show of stability, lightness and softness. From the same inspiration was born the exclusive Green Technology. More than a breakthrough, this feature is here to amaze you. Lightness & precision movements Exclusive Technology Green 95% less lead The head of the Sommo X-Ray is made of a lightweight material with high degree of insulation of radiation. Its gait is smooth, precise, easy handling and excellent stability. Ergonomic digital control With centesimal control of time through a micro-processor Selector in high relief lexan panel Time intervals: 25 time intervals ranges standards of exposure. Rescheduling of the times: the user can enter and record the times you want.
  • Technology:digital
  • Ergonomics:wall-mounted
  • Type of system:dental x-ray generator
Rodovia Abrao Assed Km 53 & 450m,
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