Dental x-ray generator (dental radiology) / digital / handheld Rextar LCD Posdion

Dental x-ray generator (dental radiology) / digital / handheld Rextar LCD Posdion
Rextar LCD

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Rextar LCD meets up the rudimentary purpose of dental practice of precise diagnosis for the patients. The LCD is capable of taking clear and sharp images with high resolution because of its adopted superior quality components such as 0.4 mm focal spot and 12 degrees target angles. This is an qualified and economical product for various reasons. Works of many traditional X-ray machines can be done by this single product. Infact, Rextar LCD is twice faster than any traditional X-ray system. Its operation is ergonomical. In operation hall, Rextar LCD serves more efficiently than any conventional X-ray machine. Even when operation is going on, Rextar LCD maintains sterilized surrounding. Visualization is clear when it comes to viewing images as this stable and secured product does not offer blurred, sloppy images with white spot and shadows caused by low specification. This is perfect product for dentistry, clinics, forensic odontology, humanitarian fields and veterinary hospitals. It offers highest possible accuracy with consistency. It is supported by high frequency X-ray generator (70kV-2mA fixed) and superior quality Toshiba tube (Tube Focal Spot (0.4mm).
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South Korea
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