Dental turbine / 45° / titanium / triple external spray Ti-Max X450L NSK France

Dental turbine / 45° / titanium / triple external spray Ti-Max X450L NSK France
Ti-Max X450L

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Ti-Max X450L is designed particularly for treatments on molars and wisdom teeth. The 45° angle head enables an easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Powerful Water Jet effectively cools heat generated during treatment. Directly connects to KaVo® couplings. Ti-Max X450L delivers all the great features of NSK’s Ti-Max series including excellent tactile sense and low vibration that reduces irritations to patients’ jawbone. Superior Accessibility The 45-degree angled head offers excellent accessibility and visibility during root separation procedures and the removal of hard tissue covering impacted third molars. A Potent 21W of Cutting Power NSK’s original twin-nozzle head fully transmits the power of the air turbine to the X450’s rotor, generating the high torque needed for powerful, consistent Triple Water Jets & Cellular Glass Optics NSK’s Triple Water Jet system efficiently bathes the bur at all operating speeds, providing maximum cooling.
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