Dental turbine 420 000 rpm | SL30 MINI TB/TM Gnatus

Dental turbine 420 000 rpm | SL30 MINI TB/TM Gnatus
420 000 rpm | SL30 MINI TB/TM

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Handpiece Body Daring design with rounded lines Made of brass with smooth chrome-plated treatment Autoclavable up to 135ºC Borden/Midwest type connection Single Spray Directed to the bur tip Rotation 420.000 RPM Working Air Pressure Between 32 and 35 pounds (psi) Ideal Weight Net weight under 58.0 grams Low Working Noise Bur Fastening System Burs fastened by friction (Friction Grip system) resistant to traction, which ensures the locking of the bur. Ergonomic Format Mini head, compact, it has anti-skid grooves Sloping end Electrochemical Treatment Treatment system of hardening the surface layer which ensures the durability of the thread.
  • Application domain:dental
Rodovia Abrao Assed Km 53 & 450m,
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